Yesterday Microsoft bought over the Nokia company in a deal of 5.4 billion euros. The impact of this deal will come in effect till January '14. The advantages of the deal will be to Nokia's employees. They get to add to their resume that they're now working with Microsoft. That's too good news I think. I'm working on an e notice board for my college. I've been using Django as a platform for this and this will be deployed on our intranet server. I shall use the concept of microblogging or guest book. Still working on the backend with SQLite. Zombie Highway, the classic game was free for iOS yesterday(I think it's still free). So guys make a smart move and download right away. Apps like these make iOS proud. My anxiety for iOS 7 is on peak. I even get dreams of using iOS 7 on my iPhone 4. I hope Apple reads my blog and releases this one soon. I can't wait to use it. It's the only reason I bought this phone in the first place. Suddenly I feel as if I'm drifting to designing. I'm making so many posters here and there and now I'm the chief designer for the literary and debating committee. It feels great to be a part of so many groups. But after all we can be active in just one or two. Signing off for this week.