It has been over a week since I began my cellular data pack on iPhone 4. I must say that the background data consumption has been very high and I couldn't find any way to block it. I hope that iOS 7 brings some changes here.
I've made up my mind to concentrate on django. I'm working on backend portion for now. I wan't to make my fundamentals of keys strong here.
Yesterday, being approached by Society of Automobile Engineers for their website. Planning to go for a template modification here as the work has to be done quickly. Will get more help from WebDevLabs in this case.
I'm trying out eEye Iris for sniffing now and I'll upload my experience over here. Found some interesting sites like for torrents which work over cyberoam.
Yesterday I made an algorithm->code for a random number generator in a project. I had some basic idea how to do it. But using classes and objects for such a small task wasn't my way of doing it.
I had to look at the larger picture. The future importance of the code will depend on the classes. So we used inheritance in C++ and made the code. Actually it was fun.
Mindbend's approaching and I'm planning to make some videos for VideoVision competition.