Sixth week of my GSoC project is over now. The objective of this week’s work was to work on the Maplayer Forms ( add/update ) and make the code ready for midterm evaluations.

Tasks Completed last Week:

  • Milestone: Change the format of the code stored in the database. Now the table doesn't store the JavaScript only, rather it stores data in json format, which releases dependency on JavaScript. 
  • Write code for GET query over the maplayer forms.

  • Django Template

  • Parse the json entries in the db and update the forms.

  • Views

  • Define views for unauthenticated users.

  • Write code for a new layer page.

  • Finish up all the logic for preliminary form design.

  • Write code for POST query over the maplayer forms.

  • Write code for adding new layer into the db, auto-filling layerid.

  • Add an i18n entry in the db, with reference to the local language stored in AppConfig

  • Write custom POST code for already existing layers ( update db query )

  • Some Minor Improvements

  • Fix coding standard issues.

  • Clean up codes and unwanted commits, make interface more responsive.

  • issue

⇒ To See list of commits for this week follow these links: Arches Project Commits

Week#7 Tasks:

Objectives:⇒ Prepare a clean i18n Navigation panel in admin dashboard. ⇒ Work on the documentation for the progress so far, and create a guide for the "admin" user for handling the interface. ⇒ Get the code ready for midterm evaluations.

  • Stalled Tasks:

  • Facing some difficulty working with checkboxes for mandatory fields in forms.

  • Fix up any issue that comes up meanwhile.

Hoping to pass mid-term evaluations. I added a , I hope it might be useful for everyone :) ;-)
page for online IRC Client. :-)