I've been a bit occupied last few days working on the dashboard ( Latest changes pushed at : ). As per the mentors, I had to give the dashboard, an elegant - modern look. So I started out with the idea of using trees. I worked on trees starting with the table structure ( as django natively provides tabular exported forms ) which later on got modified to Lists. The styling options are more in list modules than on the table. So, the structure I was working on was like :
There'll be a left pane for Navigation Tree, A centralized container which will load the forms as per the tree option selected.
I have used Ajax and JQuery to execute the requests. Moreover, I incorporated bootstrapping on the entire page. I will be sharing screenshots below to give a better idea. I faced some difficulties in the generation of iFrames ( centralized container for generating page requests ) but I sorted them out myself. Keeping it short, (less tech talk) here are the images :