I had a thought of breaking bad, so I downloaded virtual box on my laptop. Following that I downloaded the torrent version of GNOME Backtrack 5 R3. For a period of 13 hours, the torrent was inactive. But instantly (within 2-3 minutes), the whole 3 GB data was downloaded. It amazed me !
What followed was continuous series of tutorials teaching (blackhat) tricks and procedures to me.
For some while, I blocked all network connections to google and facebook servers of my college. It was a great feat for someone like me. But then even I couldn't use them. Many ideas have occured to me.
Going to be offline for a week, being at home. But the quest for true aim of life still continues.
Network sniffing is going to be on a halt because I don't know why it's capturing only my packets.
NIT Conclave was a small success for our college. Faking news remains my favourite time spending method.
Signing off for the week!