I'm planning on making this as my daily diary and keep updating this blog with my day to day experiences on technical and managerial events in my life. Let's hope it has a positive outcome.
Tomorrow is the expected launch date for Microsoft Windows 8.1. It has been long awaited for it has many graphical patches and security updates on this wonderful operating system.
Meanwhile I'm waiting for the launch of iOS 7 badly for my iPhone 4. It's bugging me that Apple keeps on launching new beta versions with minor changes. Let's hope it comes by next weekend.
Next 8 days are holidays for me. There are somethings I need to focus.
Decide whether I should go for Python(Django) development or start the algorithm - data structures logic gain. I've got a lot of work upon my head too. Renesa(my college magazine) is an important matter here.

I'm excited about this blog. Hope to keep it updated and make it my motivational charm!