Final year of Computer Engineering is onset and would be starting soon. In short I'd like to update what I've been upto recently. ,  , , , . Learnt a lot, and feel like a full stack developer.
PS : Tiski from HN has lended me one of his spare domains  for development.

I've been brainstorming a lot of ideas which I would like to list here. An online betting system without involvement of money in any form wherein the users would be given betting credits and they can bet with only those. Restricting the monetary input legalizes the infrastructure from Indian point of view. Many betting games would be presented to the users and their activity would render profit to the developers ( from ad's :P ). The complexity of this infrastructure is a let-down. Surely, it'll scale up but I'm interested in something simple yet useful and scale-able.Another idea that I thought was to make a system for enthusiasts who want to get their tasks done. It'll be a generic task listing system with a bonus feature of repetitive SMS. So the flow would be like, if user has a pending task whose deadline he/she has passed; user will get an SMS notification for that task. So the idea is to make that task stay up in your head. After sometime, either the user would delete the task from the list or get that task done ( which is the motive behind it ) . Notice why I said, this system would be for enthusiasts who would actually want to get their tasks done.
Enough on the ideas, I made a SMS engine for myself which sends me SMS updates of hourly weather report, news headlines from HackerNews every 2 hours and a geek quote every 8 hours. It's pretty handy. It's deployed on Google app engine, which is my preferred engine.Endpoints that you can use, can write any message after /say/ in the above URL, and I'll get the SMS :)
I have a lot to write about which I will be writing soon. Thank you readers :)