So I'm writing here after a 10 day gap and I apologize for that. So many things happened over this period of time, I couldn't collect myself for this one.
Firstly, iOS 7 was released by Apple this 18th September 10 P.M IST. Due to certain network issues, I got hold of it next day morning. It took about 25 minutes to automatically update on my iPhone 4. The first look of iOS 7 was absolutely killer. It has a really simple yet effective interface. So many new features to explore. It seems as if I got a new phone in just 2 months all thanks to Apple. I really wish Apple integrates dynamic wallpaper into iOS 7 for iPhone 4 during upcoming updates.
I found a glitch/bug in Whatsapp for iPhone recently. Whenever I go to favorites menu, I get the search bar, which has a small white portion on the top. It doesnot go away on clicking it. So probably, expect a small patch soon.
BBM will be released for all devices by this Sunday. This shall get many downloads (I hope). The hype created for it's launch is immense. People cant wait to get their hands on it. This shall probably stabilize the current condition of Blackberry.
Algorithms and Exploits shall be my new point of interest. I'm really hoping there's a bright future for hackers in India. Exams coming up from Monday, so maybe expect a week delay in the next post. I shall be coming back with some exciting stuff.