Hello Reader,

From today onwards, this blog will have a new permanent address. We've now left the rental that was provided by Blogger and moved on to our own Domain. This domain shall here-by be known by . More content shall follow on this niche TLD.
Pokémon Go hasn't still been launched in India yet, but I created a new iTunes Store US Account to download it. The biggest issue that I feel is the lack of servers provided by Ninatic. They go down at the peak traffic hours ( early morning UTC and during post office hours ).  More issues are more app related which I feel would be solved eventually. 

Internet is meanwhile flooded with Meme's of random Pokémon drops. I am posting some of my own here. This game is awesome (any/every Pokemon game is). In my next post I would discuss about SYN flood attacks and SYNSANITY developed by Github Engineering.