Yesterday night I was given the task to design a poster for the quizzing week in the college. I was very excited about it but concerned at the same point. I didn't have photoshop. The only photo editing tool on my pc was paint. Thus at that point of time pixlr's web editor came of great help. I could work very easily and there weren't many problems in the interface considering it was an online tool which was replacing <2gb photoshop. The layering is lucid and the end result is fabulous. I have been given a project too. I've to make the full website of SAE. Tomorrow I shall discuss the requirements of the site and finalise the work. It's the beginning of a very busy week. Hope it all stays perfect. I began packet monitoring over Microsoft packet capture tool. It's pretty basic but efficient. I'm learning some basic filters over here as well. Will post here on any suggestions.Meanwhile I saw We're the Millers (2013) which is an amazing movie. It's truly a nice blend of comedy with a tint of relationship. Frankly I don't think people read this blog. But it keeps me busy. Apart from LOL, blogging is my favourite past-time.