So it's been quite a while working on core django admin branch for Arches and I feel that I've learnt a lot in this duration. There are many tweaks, hacks and useful features which I worked upon.
I created a simple logging app, which would reflect changes in every model and the user who made the changes. I implemented a single page highly efficient dashboard module with iframes for different forms.
I learnt prepopulation of django forms and also form rendering. I polished up the css for the dashboard and now it looks elegant. I feel that this is all which is required to be handled in the geeky admin portion for Arches. This admin interface contains complex variables and is easy to use as well.

From today, I started working on the simple django admin for Arches. It would reside under the localhost:port/Arches/admin/ URL. Here's some pseudo-code for my future plans :

user clicks on the item in the left panel tree in dashboard->
we generate custom form from the custom model -> render the form into our template
->user fills the easy form -> string manipulations/or changes and the original model is updated‏

I have defined some native classes for the admin application. I have finished working on the template, just the form part is left ( which I will fill up as I proceed ).

My VISA for United Kingdom has been dispatched from the authorities, and it'll arrive in a day or two. I will be working on Models and Forms in the following days.  I recently came across this interesting web-application called . It's very decent and creates a single profile embedding other social networking platforms.

Here's my profile link :

Feel free to contribute :