I've been sniffing out packets of data lately. I turn on wireshark and cain and leave them to run in the background. During heavy internet usage at my hostel, the packets captured reach up-to a million in just 10 mins. This is heck lot of traffic to manipulate. I've set my own goals at this stage.
By any means I've to mess up with the system of entire cyberoam. Remove the barrier to freedom and unlimited speed.
I tried leaking the hacked logs of wireshark, but certain people misused it. I'm here to help, so don't mock me.
This year there are 6 direct juniors( juniors from same school ) in the college. There is a task to brief them about college life and everything.
I'm currently downloading blacktrack 5 os for my virtualbox. I shall then learn and unveil the power of a common man!