This post is all about my experience relating to Zomato Trial Week. Interested candidates who are freshers ( or undergrad's like me ) can apply for the Trial Week here

Once selected, as promised by Zomato; you will be given all travel,accommodation and a very powerful MacBook ^_^

On arrival at the HQ in Gurgaon, the Hiring team introduced me to my Mentor Ashish Khurana
I am not a big fan of using PHP, but things turned out pretty well. I finished the project in 2 days of my stay in the office. The code was reviewed 2 times and I was given features to add up and polish my project.
Friday is the most critical day of the trial week for all the aspirants. The philosophy over at Zomato for hiring is that, the candidate should fit into the work culture. After a week long tenure on your project, you are there to listen the verdict on the recruitment decision. Fortunately enough, I was given the offer.