I recently ran into something which I never heard before - blackhole security toolkit. On further searching and reading, I found out that it was a hacking toolkit which could be deployed either on local host or free web hosting servers. It would hack the victims pc without them clicking on the web page. It works on iframe exploit in browsers. It sounded very interesting to me. I downloaded it from the "leak forums". It has got two subparts. One is java based attack. And the other is php using downloadable file. Anyone who visits the infected domain, has to download temporary files on that site. These files usually are pictures and text. But blackhole toolkit sends infected executable files which are very difficult to detect. So, an antivirus is mandatory for everyone who just browses the Internet and doesn't even download anything. Coming to anti virus softwares. From long detailed research and practical usage, I've come to a conclusion that Microsoft security essentials and windows defender are the two best security software out there. Rest all of them release a malicious file when they are uninstalled. Just think over it: why Microsoft is giving away an antivirus for free ? Because its worth free when used in genuine pcs. More about these things next time. So many projects at hand. I really want to keep this blog updated. See you soon !