Hello readers! I have been reading and understanding the  which utilizes in handling the map layers. I wanted to tackle the maplayer forms in Arches, which is the most complex thing for a simple admin user to use. It requires some knowledge about the layer properties for the admin, which I figured can be bypassed.
Let me show you what I meant there, here's an image of the data which I have in the model :
This is very complicated to understand and handle. All the above properties are dynamically generated for the entity : Google Hybrid map layer. Here's what I aimed at creating :
The above form will be enough for all simple admin interactions. Basically I had finished up my add layer concept earlier. I was dealing with customizing an existing layer. What I did here is, I pulled up the data from the model as per the url ( /layer_name/ ) and pertaining to that layer I dumped all the data in the first place.Now in my form, I passed the (request.GET) criterion and I used the following logic to fill up the form. Note that it is still not finished and I'm working on it, but the code would be good for reference.
As you can see, I pulled up the data, applied some logic and parsed it. Now it shows up in the form. What needs to be done now is to manipulate how I save the data. (It's simple table update query with some really difficult manipulations done prior ).
Arches Here's a screenshot of my working environment.