This is the documentation for Simple Arches Admin as the user guide. I'll keep updating this blog post with more content.

The images display the main dashboard for the admin console. There is a list of options in the left menu pane and there is a central container for the forms and operations. The tree on the left is dynamically expandable and more options can be seen by clicking on the gears/cogs as available. MAPLAYERSThe above image is a sample expanded view of the left tree options for Map Layers. The Map Layers can be added in 3 types ( Google, Arches Resource and Raw JS ). Each has a unique form as per the requirement.
This image depicts a sample New Google Layer Addition form. The fields are self explainatory in the forms. Icon files can directly be uploaded from the forms. ( format : png ). In-case of Arches Resource map layer, a color palette would pop-up in the color field.The screenshot is a sample edit form for an existing layer. Note : The icon file is automatically loaded as per the uploaded content.  I18N ( LOCALIZATION )The page shown above is to work on a new language in Arches. User may add any number of languages as he wishes. The following image shows the form which tackles handling of the I18N tuples.
The entries are sorted into various columns based on their types. The language to be dealt with ( other than the default language ) is loaded in the last column. The table is dynamically editable and hence it is very easy to save entries for a new language into the system. For adding new tags or deleting the existing ones, similar options are available. UPDATE:
The video gives tutorial on adding a new entry in the i18n ( Localization ) content of Arches.