I recently spoke on DevOps as a seminar under the guidance of  at . Here's my presentation for the same and here I would give an in depth analysis about DevOps

Software development has undergone a quantum leap in the last decade as the developer community and industries have shifted from the traditional waterfall models of the past to the lean and agile methodologies of today. While the sequential design approach of the waterfall model still has some supporters(in some scenarios, I too support Waterfall model), today’s rapidly evolving business climate, the start-up buzz and all demand that companies adopt an agile approach to launching software products. I shall be attaching my report on DevOps for the community to read, understand and accordingly develop. It includes the analysis of the other SDLC modelsDevOps (a compound of "development" and "operations") is a software development method that emphasizes the roles of both software developers and other information-technology professionals with an emphasis on IT Operations.

Thank you for reading. I posted this online as the documentation present on the web are very limited on this topic. Feel free to use the above report with proper citations.