Teamfight Tactic Guide

Table of Contents

  • How do champions work in Teamfight Tactics?
  • Why is Gold so important in Teamfight Tactics?
  • How do Items work in Teamfight Tactics?
  • Will ranked play feature in Teamfight Tactics?
  • What customisation options are there in Teamfight Tactics?
  • How do I upgrade Little Legends?
  • What has Riot got planned for Teamfight Tactics?
  • Teamfight Tactics: Patch Notes

How do champions work in Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics Champion Origins

At the start of each round you'll be presented with a randomized selection of champions you can purchase with gold.

They'll cost different amounts, have different abilities and Origins, and belong to a variety of classes too. Oh, and there's a carousel which swings round every few rounds from which you can nab a champion of your choice.

If you find all of this information a bit overwhelming, we don't blame you.

To give you a better handle on champions in Teamfight Tactics, take a look below:

How many champions are there?

There's a grand total of 50 champions in Teamfight Tactics.

As League of Legends is home to over 100 champions, it's likely we'll see some new champions rotate into the pool, while some rotate out. Riot hasn't provided any concrete info on this yet, but we can see this being a seasonal feature.

Do champions have abilities?

Every champion has either an active or passive ability. Active abilities are cast when a champion's mana bar is full, and there's a short cooldown timer before they can use the ability again. Mana is generated when a champion attacks an enemy.

Champions are all subject to something called "mana lock". This is the amount of time they can't gain mana directly after casting a spell. The default mana lock is one second, however, some champions are locked for longer while casting spells.

Can I upgrade champions?

Every champion you purchase will be a one star unit. If you purchase three of the same one star unit it'll upgrade to a single, two star unit. Combine three two star units and you'll create one three star unit.

Upgraded units are stronger in every way as they'll have both increased base and ability stats.

Understandably it's a little confusing, so do make sure you give our How to Upgrade Champions guide a read as it'll explain things further and give you a better idea of the process.

What's with champion Classes and Origins?

Teamfight Tactic Champion Origins

Each Champion belongs to a Class and has an Origin.

Fulfil Class and Origin requirements and they'll confer special bonuses. For example, having two Demons (Class) on the board means that each of your Demons now has a chance to burn all of an enemy's mana and deal that much true damage.

You could also have two Blademasters (Origin) on the board at the same time, which would mean they now have a 35% chance to strike an additional time with each attack.

Teamfight Tactics Champion Classes

Building a strong composition means bearing these bonuses in mind whenever you purchase a champion, as the right mixture can make for an unstoppable force.

Head over to our Classes guide and Origins guide for a complete breakdown of all the different bonuses.

Does it matter where I place champions on the board?


Champions all fit into different archetypes. They might be tanky, cast spells from range, or lack big health bars but deal huge DPS.

It's about taking these traits into consideration whenever you place a champion on the board.

Stick your tanks on the frontline as they're designed to soak up damage and draw aggro away from your vulnerable backline.

Meanwhile, we'd recommend placing ranged champions like Ashe on the backline to output as much damage as possible from a safe distance.

It'll also force your enemy to close the gap if they want to get to one of your primary damage dealers, and potentially land themselves in an unfavourable scenario in the process. Place her right at the front of your composition as she'll be wiped out instantly, and thus, never get a chance to lay down some damage or use her ability.

Don't be afraid to place Assassins on the far edges of the board to give them ample room to seek out the enemy's backline too. These high DPS, often melee-oriented champions are perfect for singling out vulnerable enemies and eliminating them quickly.

All in all, take into consideration each of your champions' roles and position them so they can fulfil that role to the best of their ability.

Why is Gold so important in Teamfight Tactics?

Gold is your main resource in Teamfight Tactics and you'll use it to perform many different actions in-game. Here's a quick rundown of its uses:

Buy Champions

You will use gold to buy champions from the shop which will appear at the beginning of each round. This selection is randomised, so you won't encounter the same pool twice. With this in mind, we'd recommend pouncing on an opportunity if you see one otherwise you might miss it.

Refresh the Shop

Spend two gold and you can refresh the shop's selection. We wouldn't advise this early on in a match as it's vital you keep your gold reserves and begin ramping up your economy.


You can spend four gold to buy chunks of EXP and accelerate the levelling process (you'll also gain a little EXP at the end of each round). The higher your level, the more champions you can field on the board. What's more, you'll also increase your chances of encountering rarer, high cost units.

Here's how you'll earn gold:
  • Passive Income - You'll earn a certain amount of gold at the end of each round and the amount differs on how well you performed.
  • Interest - If you've got a sizeable stash of gold, you'll earn up to five gold interest at the end of each round.
  • Win/Loss Streaks - Bonus gold will be yours if you're either on a winstreak or loss streak.
  • Chests - Occasionally a chest full of gold will spawn at the top left of your screen after defeating an opponent. If this happens, make sure you run over it with your avatar to collect your reward.
  • Pirate Synergy - If you place three pirate champions on the board, you'll earn the pirate buff which gifts you with additional gold at the end of every round.

How do Items work in Teamfight Tactics?

Items will drop from creepwaves, or they'll arrive pre-equipped on champions you acquire from the carousel.

Item Cheatsheet Synergy Teamfight Tactics

  • Any items you acquire will appear as a glowing cuboid towards the bottom left of your screen. Hover over them to see what effects they'll have and drag and drop them onto champions to equip them.

  • Items have all sorts of effects. Some may boost attack damage, while others may increase magic resistance. Powerful items can even grant champions increased critical damage, extra auto-attacks and more.

  • If you hover an item over a champion who already has an item equipped, a pop-up will show you what a combination of the two items will produce.

  • When you're equipping items, carefully consider how it'll benefit a specific champion and its abilities. For example, items which increase maximum health will suit tanks, while mana regeneration items will suit spellcasters.

  • Champions from the carousel will always come pre-equipped with an item. If you've picked a champion you don't really want, don't be afraid to refund them. The item they're holding will jump straight into your inventory, so it's actually a pretty decent way of getting something out nothing.

Will there be ranked play in Teamfight Tactics?

Riot has confirmed that ranked play will be a part of Teamfight Tactics. It will be introduced to the game with patch 9.14, so a little while after the initial launch of the new game mode.

Just like League of Legends, we imagine Teamfight Tactics will have ranks its players will be familiar with: Iron, Silver, Gold, and so on.

For those who don't want to get all serious with Teamfight Tactics, we imagine Riot will introduce a separate ranked queue on top of the usual playlist.

What are the customisation options in Teamfight Tactics?

Customisation for the mode comes in the form of something Riot is calling Little Legends.

These creatures represent your avatar in Teamfight Tactics and you'll earn your first Little Legend after completing a handful of games.

Further Little Legends will be able to purchase for 750 RP, and there'll be six to buy at launch. More will be released as new patches for the game go live.

As well as appearing in Teamfight Tactics, Little Legends will also show up on the Howling Abyss.

Little Legends can also be upgraded. See the next section for more details.