Writing this post with the onset of my vacations post the seventh semester. I would like to mention the major events that happened since the last post which I can remember on the top of my head.Firstly, I bought an iPhone 6S! 3 months so far, no complaints. P.S : It has the TSMC chip 😄(ref : Chipgate

Another major update would be my international transfer at Endurance International Group

Students sincerely attempting our paper & pen test at pic.twitter.com/j05H9cmWaMJuly 22, 2015

I was supposed to go to Mumbai for the posting. However, the twist came post Diwali, when I was given the posting at Boston. This was a very big achievement and I honestly hadn't expected any of this. Also I'd like to share a video that me and my daddy made this Diwali.

Planning on writing shortly on DevOps and Artificial Neural Networks. Feedbacks are appreciated :)