Hello Readers,

Let me initiate this content with a little more perspective. I started work as an Operations Engineer at  in the Systems Architects Team and would be working on Shared Hosting. These past few weeks have been mostly comprised of training, and understanding the basics of "How Things Work". I learnt a lot on the Networks stand point. Bash wasn't my go-to kind of thing, but now, I feel comfortable using it ( Not that I know everything, but I can get my hands dirty ).
Now I also know a little bit of Redis, DNS, Automation (Puppet and stuff), Virtualisation (OpenStack majorly, keywords like Xen makes sense). Work (Office) is a different phase of life. Initially, banking terminologies take up a lot of time to get inside the head. What is PF, what are the tax saving options and what not! This was just a quick update.
Endurance International Group