This will be my first "tutorial" kind of post. I'll teach you all how to get an awesome start page on your web browsers. This project is open sourced and I'll have it linked at the end of this tutorial.
You can see the demo at :

This start page has lot of features. The ones I love are the key bindings! They're absolutely lucid to navigate and can sometimes give you ideas too.

I've added an extra functionality on this one. This now supports opening of new tabs. So to make any link to open on a new tab, just add target="_blank" in the link.

You can set this up in 2 different ways:

  • Hosted / Custom Start Page
  • Via the Chrome Extension

Hosted / Custom Start Page

To do this, you will first need to clone the  and edit the index.html file according to your requirements. Once you're done, you need to host this file somewhere ( can be localhost or any other service ). I used my own hosting platform and it's live at
Then go to Chrome (Any other browser would work, but I use Chrome) and open up chrome://settings on your browser. Under "On Start-Up", choose open a specific set of pages and add your link to hosted files and you're good to go.

Via the Chrome Extension

Firstly Download this file
Then just drag and drop this extension from your file browser to Chrome and install it. It should automatically set up the necessary things.
Well let me know how is the feedback of this start page and also if you find anything