Hello All,

I participated in the Endurance India Hackathon this weekend. It was targetting solutions for Small and Medium Businesses. I, along with my 2 team-mates, made - Watch, an opensource monitoring tool which can be used by any enterprise/user to monitor their web services. A small demo can be seen here :

Watch has 3 parts :

Watch Master runs a django server with a rabbitmq instance which is called from celery ensuring scheduling of asynchronous monitoring tasks. Watch Master has a collection of API's which can be called from Watch Frontend so as to do checks on demand and plot graphs.

Watch Slave runs a simple django server with tasks predefined. More checks can be added into the slave and thus can be called from frontend/master as per requirement. It returns the response to master and master stores the aggregated results. The slave ensures execution of tasks.

Watch frontend has a collection of graphing and charting resources which does the final presentation of the content. It requires a webserver for execution and can be independent of master/slave.

This is a brief rundown on the hack which we delivered for the hackathon. I will continue working on the product and ensure a more feature-full monitoring product.

Thanks for reading. Comments are appreciated :)